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Tematické okruhy - k základní státnici AJ

1. června 2006 v 23:52 | Gargas |  Angličtina
1. Family. Home and family life.
2. House and home. Rooms, furniture. Housing
3. My town/village.
4. Shops, shopping, services.
5. Jobs. My job. Future career.
6. Daily routine. Daily programme. Work and leisure.
Leisure time. Hobbies and pastime activities.
7. Finance and communication. Post, banking, money matters.
8. Sports and games.
9. Health and illness. Seeing a doctor. Keeping fit.
10. Clothes and fashions.
11. Food and meals. At a restaurant.
12. Entertainment - cinema, theatre, music, books, arts.
13. Education. Language studies.
14. Going on holiday. Tourism. Sightseeing.
15. Travel and transport. City traffic.
16. Seasons of the year. Weather.
17. The environment (problems). Countryside. Nature.
18. Media (TV, radio, newspapers).
19. Holidays, festivals, celebrations.
20. Progress in technology and problems in society.

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